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Returning Exhibitor Information

To complete your Returning Exhibitor form and upload to the New Hope Product Portal, powered by SPINS/Pinto, please check your booth contact’s email for a link to the form. If you are unable to find it or need any assistance, please reach out to [email protected]

Returning Exhibitor Review Process

Prior to Expo East 2023, only new exhibitor applications were reviewed prior to an event. Products exhibited by returning exhibitors were audited during our on-site show review, with compliance feedback sent only after the event. Given that two-thirds of on-site non-compliance is associated with new product launches from returning brands, we believe this process can be very helpful to some of our returning exhibitors too. This is a win for everyone, ensuring that all brands, new or returning, get a second set of eyes on every new product they launch at our events.

Our Expo community has also asked us to help provide greater transparency. This makes sense because the natural products industry is where consumers trust they can turn for healthier products, and Natural Products Expo is one place where these natural brands really stand out. Expo and the industry itself, however, is much larger than it once was. We want brands at Expo to be reliably found and recognized by buyers aligned with their mission. Uploading products so we can highlight their features is a necessary step in providing this degree of product-level visibility, matchmaking and show floor navigation by favorites.

Starting with Expo East 2023, we invite you to upload all products you intend to exhibit into the New Hope Product Portal, powered by SPINS/Pinto. You and our buyers will know you’re compliant with our event standards, we’ll let you know if we notice any regulatory issues, and we’ll push your products into Beacon Discovery AND our Expo event app. The earlier you add your products, the more likely retailers are to see and favorite your products as they prep for Expo East and decide which brands they intend to visit.

To learn more about navigating integrity in the natural products CPG industry, click here.

Pre Show

All exhibitors apply & receive pre-approval of product, packaging & marketing materials

At Show / Online*

All exhibitors will still  receive an on-site audit at their show booth

Post Show

Noncompliant exhibitors will receive a Standards referral in efforts to correct any issues.

*For Virtual-only exhibits, the Standards team may do minor revisions to a non-compliant product description and/or remove non-compliant documents (marketing). Virtual-only Exhibitors will be immediately notified of any changes made to their online exhibit.

Beacon Discovery

We’re extending the high standards and level of trust that retailers have for Expo to Beacon Discovery, our anytime-anywhere digital discovery platform. As an exhibitor, your booth fees include an annual subscription to Beacon Discovery, a free 1-year membership to Pinto Manager, powered by SPINS, and an environmental impact estimate from HowGood. We’ve streamlined our processes, so you only need to upload products one time – and your required Returning Exhibitor Standards Review will double as your application and product upload onto the Beacon Discovery platform, letting retailers see your products as soon as you’ve completed the Standards review.

Beacon Discovery is a new natural product discovery tool that makes reliable, transparent brand information—the kind consumers increasingly demand—available in one convenient place. As retail buyers browse products, they can easily add them to their favorites list, which will be populated into a show floor map before the Expos. This helps attendees plan their experience to make the most out of their time at the show to create meaningful connections and relationships.

Beacon Discovery is officially launching in 2023.

To celebrate the launch of this platform, we are allowing exhibitors to upload unlimited products to the platform in 2023. Beacon Discovery will continue as an exhibitor inclusion in 2024 with free product uploads in proportion to the size of the booth. Additional product uploads will be available for purchase.

We are encouraging 100% participation from all eligible exhibitors for Expo East 2023. However, we are not barring any exhibitors with incomplete reviews from exhibiting at the show. 

Benefits of Beacon Discovery

  • Product visibility to top Natural Products retailers – 365 days a year
  • Unlimited product uploads in 2023
  • Connect with retailers before and after Expo, elevating your show experience and planning.
  • Share your story, mission, and values to be matched with aligned retailers
  • Receive a HowGood impact estimate, which sets brands apart by celebrating their ESG efforts
  • Brands are able to purchase sponsorship and premium product placement at Expo

Read more about how Beacon Discovery is encouraging transparency in the natural products industry and revolutionizing how retailers find new products.

Beyond the Show

With product information being more accessible than ever before, consumers report expecting more from available product information, and consider a wide array of information about particular products before purchase. New Hope Network wants to encourage industry members to take a fresh look at how we explore and evaluate product transparency, business integrity and industry values alignment. 

With rapid industry growth comes the need to be able to respond quickly to these demands from consumers. Starting honest conversations about how food is made can be an intimidating task, so we’ve compiled a list of questions to help evaluate your products.