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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are Frequently Asked Questions specific to our New Hope Network Standards program and the Natural Products Expo/Beacon Discovery Application Review Process.

For more details about Expo Exhibitor Registration, please consult the following sites:

Standards Background

How are Standards developed and do they ever change?

The Standards are developed by our New Hope Network Standards Team in collaboration with a wide assortment of natural products industry experts. We constantly monitor trends and engage expert resources to evolve these Standards as technologies develop and/or new data and insights emerge. Occasionally, we seek the assistance of a select group of industry experts and consultants who will more formally collaborate with us to keep our Standards and Guidelines current within this rapidly changing environment.

Are Standards only about ingredients?

No. In addition to our Ingredient Standards, we also have Exhibitor and Advertiser Standards that cover topics that include health benefit claims, nutrient content claims, and third party certification logos/claims. For more information, see our Resources.

How are Expo/Advertising Standards enforced?

All Natural Products Expo exhibitor and advertising* contracts include a clause requiring compliance with the New Hope Standards as a condition for exhibiting/advertising with us. See Exhibit Space Contract Additional Terms and Conditions under the Expo Exhibitor Resources pages for more details. You may also refer to Our Process which briefly describes the types of Standards reviews.


*Advertising includes print/digital ads as well as any online and event sponsored content/marketing programs.

Exhibitor Application Process

How do I know if I need to submit an exhibitor application for a Natural Products Expo?

ALL exhibitors, new and returning are now required to complete the New Hope Network Standards Form.


You will follow the New Exhibitor process if:

  1. your company has never exhibited at a Natural Products Expo Event before;
  2. your company is a previous exhibitor, but you have not exhibited within the last 12 months;
  3. your company/brand/product was previously exhibited by a brand manager, agency, or distributor and you now want to exhibit independently.

You will follow the Returning Exhibitor process if your company has exhibited at an event within the last 12 months. For more information, see the Our Process page or you can Start Here.

What is the deadline to submit an application/get approved?

There is no specified application deadline. An application can be submitted at any time. Once the application is approved by Standards, it is active for up to one year (365 days) from the date of submission. It is important to remember you cannot register as an exhibitor until you have successfully completed the application and review process.


An application that remains incomplete, pending, or not approved will be closed 90 days from the date it was submitted, and the applicant will have to begin this entire process again, starting with the application fee payment.


As the event date approaches, it is possible that response times from various services, including the Standards team and vendor services may slow down, which could potentially lead to delays or disruptions in the services provided. We encourage you to apply as early as possible before an event to avoid these potential issues.


NOTE TO CPG BRANDS: If you are submitting the application one month prior to an event, your products may not be represented on New Hope digital platforms in time for the event.

I want to exhibit at multiple events. Do I need to submit an application for each event?
No. Your application will cover any New Hope Network event and Natural Products Expo West, including the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace, Newtopia Now and Beacon Discovery. Once your application is approved by Standards, it will be active for one year from the date it was submitted. After the one year a new application will be required unless you become an active exhibitor during that year.
What information will I need to submit an application?
You will need to upload product information including packaging/labels, marketing materials, and any third-party certification documentation. If your products contain hemp cannabinoids, you will also need to provide certificates of analysis for the formula extract and the finished products.
What is the new Product Portal, (Powered by SPINS/Pinto)?

Businesses wishing to exhibit finished products at Natural Products Expo must submit product labeling through New Hope’s product portal. This portal is powered by SPINS and its Pinto product intelligence technology. By partnering with SPINS, New Hope helps brands better present products at our physical and virtual exhibitions. New Hope has partnered with Pinto, a product database and analytics platform for CPG products to verify all uploaded product data. On the Pinto platform, you will upload product-specific information for the Standards team to review. Step-by-step instructions for this process, including a video tutorial will be sent via email during the application process.

I am having trouble uploading my products onto the Pinto platform. How can I get assistance?

Our New Hope Network Audience Success team is available to answer questions and assist with uploading products to proceed timely with this application. Please review the Product Portal Partner Agreement and the Pinto Manger Terms of Use. When you give New Hope permission to view, upload, or edit within Pinto on your behalf we can work with you to make this process fast and easy. You do not have to submit these forms. At the end of the exhibitor application is a request for your consent to these terms from our product portal partner. If you do not grant access to New Hope, please be aware you will be fully responsible for uploading your products to the product portal. Delays in uploading will affect our ability to process your application in a timely manner. Please contact [email protected] for additional questions.

I paid the $95 fee—when can I get a booth?

Paying the fee does not guarantee a booth at Natural Products Expo (NPE). Your application must be approved before you can proceed with the registration process and reserve a booth (or to be added to a waitlist).

I am a current (returning) exhibitor and have new products I want to exhibit. Do I need to submit a new application to add new products to my exhibit?

Yes. If you are a current exhibitor, we now require that all returning exhibitors complete a review prior to every event, just as we do for new exhibitors. You will need to submit a Standards form and upload your products into our new Product Portal (Pinto, powered by SPINS). Please reach out to [email protected] to request a direct link to the Standards Form.

I am having trouble submitting my exhibitor application. Who can I contact for help?

Please contact [email protected].

Standards Review Process

What happens to my application if the product information I submitted is not compliant with the Expo Standards?

If your product information is found to be non-compliant, our Standards Team will provide you an explanation of the issue and some suggestions/resources to help guide you in resolving the issue. Your account will be placed on a Standards HOLD (see below for more information). If you are applying as a new exhibitor, you may not reserve a booth until your product information is determined to be compliant and your exhibitor application is approved.

How are returning exhibitors’ products reviewed for compliance?

In our efforts to bring greater transparency and integrity to Natural Products Expos we have expanded our Standards Program to do more before the show. We now require all returning exhibitors to provide product labeling for review prior to each event. The Standards Team will continue to visit each exhibit in person at every Natural Products Expo to collect and/or review product packaging, and marketing materials for compliance with the Exhibitor Standards.

What happens if my product information is not compliant?

If the New Hope Standards team has reviewed your product information and found any non-compliance issues, your account will be placed on a Standards HOLD (see next question). You may be required to revise the product information you intend to present at the next in-person Expo event. We may remove/revise the product information that appears in a virtual booth.

What is a Standards HOLD?

A Standards HOLD is a flag on your account that directs our Sales and Accounting teams to stop the contract and billing process until you can resolve outstanding non-compliance issues with our Standards Department.

How do I know if my company’s account is on a Standards HOLD?

The Standards Department sends out review messages regarding non-compliance issues as soon as possible after each in-person event. Your account with us will remain on HOLD and you will not be able to arrange for a booth move, book a future event, or add sponsorship/marketing support until any outstanding non-compliance issues have been resolved.