Hemp & Cannabinoid Policy




Please Be Aware:

Federal, state and local laws regulating cannabinoids differ. Our Standards Program accepts products that we perceive fall within FDA’s current exercise of enforcement discretion with respect to cannabinoid products. Acceptance as an exhibitor and approval for exhibition of any cannabinoid product at a Natural Products Expo is NOT a determination that the product complies with all local, state, and federal laws; neither is it, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. Exhibitors should always seek the advice of a qualified attorney.

New and Returning Exhibitors—Pre-Approval required:

All products that contain cannabinoids, at any level (other than hemp seeds and hemp seed oils which have been designated GRAS), require pre-approval before they may be exhibited at any Natural Products Expo event.

Products made from hemp seed and hemp seed oil.

Products made from hemp fiber that are not intended for ingestion or oral use, topical application or inhalation.

Review Criteria:

When reviewing cannabinoid products, our highest priorities are safety, transparency, truthfulness, reliability and responsibility.

  1. Products cannot contain more than 0.3% THC
  2. Disease claims and all claims explicitly rejected by FDA, e.g. chronic anxiety, are prohibited
  3. All statements must be substantiated
  4. Transparency, clarity, and truthfulness in labeling are required
  5. Responsibility and care for vulnerable populations are required
  6. Vapes and vape accessories are prohibited
  7. Devices, including patches, are required to have appropriate FDA clearance (510k, PMA, registration and/or listing)
  8. Exhibit review and approval is on a product-by-product basis