Frequently Asked Questions




Below are Frequently Asked Questions specific to our Standards program and the Natural Products Expo Application Review Process. For more details about Expo Exhibitor Registration, please consult the Exhibitor Resources available on our Expo sites:



Standards Background

Standards are developed by our natural product industry experts at New Hope Network. We constantly monitor trends and engage expert resources to evolve these Standards as technologies develop and/or new data and insights emerge. In 2020 we are launching a new Ingredient Transparency Advisory Panel, a select group of industry experts and consultants who will more formally collaborate with us to keep our Standards and Guidelines current within this rapidly changing environment.

No. In addition to our Ingredient Standards, we also have Exhibitor and Advertiser Standards that cover topics like federal regulations and requirements, certifications, labeling, and product claims. For more information, see our Resources.

All Natural Products Expo exhibitor and advertising contracts include a clause requiring compliance with the New Hope Standards as a condition for exhibiting/advertising with us. See Exhibit Space Contract Additional Terms and Conditions under the Expo Exhibitor Resources pages for more details.

Yes. Please refer to the Ingredients Standards & Guidelines for details. If the ingredient falls under a section titled as a Standard, the ingredient is prohibited. If the ingredient falls under a section titled as a Guideline, the ingredient is not yet be prohibited.

Exhibitor Application Process

You will need to complete an application:

  1. If you company has never exhibited at a Natural Products Expo Event before.
  2. If your company is a returning exhibitor, but youhave not exhibited within the last 12 months.
  3. If your company/brand/product was previously exhibited by a brand manager, agency, or distributor and you now want to exhibit independently.

For more information, see the Process page or you can start the application process here.

Applications can be submitted at any time and are good for up to one year (365 days) from the date of application. There is no application deadline per se but remember you cannot register as an exhibitor until you have successfully completed the application and review process. There are special circumstances*.

No. Your application will cover any Expo event (Natural Products Expo East, including Harvest Festival; and Natural Products Expo West, including the Fresh Ideas Marketplace) and will be active for one year from the date it was submitted. After the one year a new application will be required.

You will need to upload product information including packaging/labels, marketing materials, and any third-party certification documentation.

Paying the fee does not guarantee a booth at Natural Products Expo (NPE). Your application must be approved before you can proceed with the registration process and reserve a booth (or to be added to a waitlist).

If you area current exhibitor, you do not need to submit an application to add additional products to your exhibit; but you do need to add them to your Exhibitor Profile on the Exhibitor Console (under Edit Booth) AND register them with our third party partner at <a href="" target="_blank">Label Insight</a>. he Standards team will review any new items once they have been submitted via the console.

Standards Review Process

If your product information is found to be non-compliant, our Standards Team will provide you an explanation of the issue and some suggestions/resources to help guide you in resolving the issue. Your account will be placed on a Standards HOLD (see below for more information). You may not reserve a booth/stall until your product information is determined to be compliant and your exhibitor application is approved.

At every Natural Products Expo our Standards team visits the booths of returning exhibitors to collect and review product, packaging, and marketing materials for compliance with the Exhibitor Standards.

If the New Hope Standards Department has reviewed your product information and found any non-compliance issues, your account will be placed on a Standards HOLD (see next question). You may be required to revise the product information that you intend to present at the next Expo event.

A Standards HOLD is a flag on your account that directs our Sales and Accounting teams to stop the contract and billing process until you can resolve outstanding non-compliance issues with our Standards Department.

The Standards Department sends out review messages regarding non-compliance issues as soon as possible after Expo West and Expo East events. Your account with us will remain on HOLD and you will not be able to arrange for a booth move, book a future event, or add sponsorship/marketing support until any outstanding non-compliance issues have been resolved.

Hemp, CMD, and Other Cannabinoid Considerations

Our policy on hemp products containing CBD is on the Resources page here.

Yes, all new products, including those containing CBD, must be added to your Exhibitor Profile on the Exhibitor Console (under Edit Booth) so they can be reviewed by the Standards team. You will also need to register any new products with third-party partner at Label Insight.

*When contracting onsite for an Expo East event, there is a 1 month deadline to get the application complete or the booth will be released.