New Hope Network’s Standards and Guidelines were created to help define and safeguard the natural & organic products industry. They are meant to enhance public health & safety, support industry self-regulation, and foster responsible growth in our industry. We take a “big tent” approach that elevates our “north stars” (the importance of organic, sustainability, and caring for people and planet) in a way that inspires and leads all to follow in these directions.

Our Standards began—and still are – primarily focused on product marketing and label claims. Every product included in our Natural Product Expos and publication advertising must meet our claims and ingredient Standards; and we hold our exhibitors and advertisers to a set of standards around safety, transparency, and ethical practices to further support our mission.

Our Ingredient Standards are requirements, while our Ingredient Guidelines are strong suggestions reflecting our belief about the current and potential future expectations of customers and consumers. We constantly monitor trends and engage subject matter experts to evolve our Ingredient Guidelines as the marketplace evolves.

Exhibitor Standards

All exhibitors must adhere to a set of standards around the following key areas:

  • All applicable FDA and USDA regulations and requirements 
  • Products claims (e.g. health benefits, nutrient claims, certified gluten-free, etc.) 
  • Organic certification 
  • Product safety (allergen warnings, other warnings, etc.) 
  • Active ingredient disclosures and potency claims 
  • Labeling and literature 
  • Food preparation and sampling

Summary of Ingredient Standards & Guidelines

All products (food and supplements) must adhere to the following product Standards as a condition of the exhibitor contract:

  • No artificial sweeteners 
  • No artificial colors 
  • No artificial flavors and flavor enhancers 
  • No GMOs No high-fructose corn syrup 
  • No MSG No trans fat/hydrogenated oils and/or partially hydrogenated oils 
  • No synthetic cannabinoids 
  • No tricolsan (cosmetics)

In addition, we highly recommend the following Guidelines:

  • No artificial preservatives 
  • No artificial gums, thickeners, and emulsifiers 
  • No artificial bread ingredients and dough conditioners

Summary of Advertiser Standards

We require our advertisers to adhere to all FTC advertising regulations and to a set of our own standards related to:

  • Product claims (accuracy of claims, substantiation)
  • Product ingredients (accuracy and transparency in ingredient listings, potency statements)
  • Product safety
  • Advertising methods & techniques (survey citations, quotes, disclaimers, guarantees, etc.)

For more details on the specifics of our ingredient standards, exhibitor standards, and advertiser standards, click here (link to resources page).