Our Process


Exhibitor Application Process

In order to register as a new Exhibitor at one of our Expos, companies must first successfully demonstrate compliance with our Standards program by completing the Exhibitor Application process.

  • Companies are considered “new” exhibitors if they have not exhibited at an Expo event in the past 12 months (past-12-month exhibitors are exempt from this application process).
  • To submit an application and pay the non-refundable $95 application fee, fill out the New Exhibitor Application. Payment of the application fee does not guarantee a booth at Natural Product Expos. Your application must be completed and approved before you can reserve a booth (or be added to a waitlist).
  • The application requires submission of product packaging (for finished goods), marketing materials, and any required third-party certification documentation.
  • One application is sufficient to exhibit at both Natural Products Expo West and Expo East events.
  • Current/approved exhibitors do not need to complete new applications to add products to their booth; they can be added by emailing [email protected]

If our Standards team identifies any labeling or claims issues, we will contact the applicant with an explanation highlighting the areas of non-compliance, along with suggested resources to help resolve the issue.

For more information about the Expo Exhibitor Registration process, please see the Exhibitor Resources pages on the Expo West or Expo East sites.

Exhibitor Review Process

Our dedicated Standards team reviews all companies exhibited at our Natural Product Expos. While at the outset this was seen as a “policing” effort, today
this is done in the spirit of education and self-regulation. We work in partnership with exhibitors to help them address and correct any issues we uncover.

Pre Show

New exhibitors apply & receive pre-approval of product, packaging & marketing materials

At Show

NHN team reviews product, packaging, and marketing materials from exhibitors

Post Show

NHN team sends follow-up communications regarding any non-compliance issues with explanation and education and suggestions on alternative wording or ingredients.

In the future, returning exhibitors will be asked to provide materials in advance of Expos to streamline the review and feedback process.

In support of our sustainability efforts, product packaging, marketing materials, and communications will increasingly be done electronically.




Advertising Review Process

Our dedicated Standards team also reviews all print and digital advertisements, sponsored content/marketing program materials. Some artwork is submitted through an Informa ad portal through which Standards can review, reject or approve the ads submitted there. Sponsored content and other marketing program materials are sent directly to the Standards team for review. Standards feedback is provided with text recommendations if any revisions are required to deploy/post the materials. As with our exhibitors, we work in partnership with advertisers to help them address and correct any issues we uncover.



Did you know?

Typically, our team only needs to contact about 10% of all Expo exhibitors with some sort of follow-up communication regarding Standards.



How Standards Evolve

We constantly monitor trends and engage expert resources to evolve these Standards and Guidelines. For more about the latest trends we’re talking about, see the Our Thinking page

With so much recent innovation and new technologies, in 2020 we launched a new Ingredient Transparency Advisory Panel, a select group of industry experts and consultants who will more formally collaborate with us to keep our Standards and Guidelines current within this rapidly changing environment.



Of Further Note: The New Hope Network Standards program does not provide full legal reviews. These standards do not constitute a legal approval system. New Hope Network reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in its trade shows and publications. Compliance with these standards does not exempt exhibitors from fully complying with applicable federal requirements set forth by government agencies. If you need additional legal consultation, we recommend that you consult with one of the trusted Industry Consultants.