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Tim Avila

Tim is a leading authority in the global nutrition industry, blending 30 years of experience in discovery, validation and branding of bioactive ingredients and consumer packaged nutrition products. He is President of Systems Bioscience, Inc., a company specializing in providing Global Fortune 500 companies with business and product development knowledge regarding dietary supplements, natural and organic foods and consumer products and services. He also was the Founder of ZSWEET Inc., the manufacturer and distributor of the first brand of all natural and Organic zero calorie sweetener. ZSWEET is the pioneering innovator preparation in the tabletop sweetener category and was formulated by Tim.

Mr. Avila has a 22-year tenure as Senior Executive Advisor to Informa Markets Global Health and Nutrition division which now oversees Newhope Network, pertaining to content and business development. Tim's list of past clients includes Cargill, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble and Coca Cola. Tim has a proven track record for innovative products. During his five years with Metagenics, Inc., Tim was responsible for numerous proprietary formulations and products.

Tim has also founded and participated as the Chair of many advisory boards in both business and Science/Medicine. He currently advises several startup and early stage companies and routinely provides coaching to founders and officers of mid and large size companies in both the ingredient and consumer brand sectors.

Jackie Bowen

Caroline B

Lacey Gautier

Dana Perls

David Welch, Ph.D.

David oversees GFI’s team of scientists, combining his background in plant biology and regenerative medicine to help entrepreneurs, companies, and academic research institutions accelerate the development and commercialization of alternative protein technology. David holds a bachelor's degree in biology from the University of California at Berkeley and a Ph.D. in plant developmental cell biology from Utrecht University. He has more than fifteen years' experience in the life science industry, including the product development, market development and commercialization of cells, scaffolds, cell reprogramming tools, and cell culture media for regenerative medicine and bioprocessing applications.